MeTiAi is based on the EOS

blockchain system. The data is

chained and recorded in the block

nodes. It cannot be tampered with,

and it also effectively avoids DOS

attacks, which is safe and reliable.

Data Value

In the MeTi ecosystem, data

ownership is returned to the data

provider itself, and the value

generated by the data is also

benefited by the data provider,

breaking the traditional data

monopoly model and realizing the

real value of user data.

High Efficiency

The resource cooperation platform

built by MeTiAi effectively links the

data provider and the demand side.

Through data authorization, data

sharing will be more convenient and


AI Application Incubation

The MeTiAi ecosystem provides a

high-quality database for many AI

application developers. Application

developers no longer need to spend

a lot of time collecting data or

purchasing data from monopolists,

which greatly saves development

costs and time.

Privacy Protection

For the privacy data submitted by

users by MeTiAi, data users can only

be trained in the system anonymous

node container, and no copy is

supported, which effectively protects

the privacy data of users.

Low Cost

In the MeTi ecosystem chain, data

providers can simply sell data rights

and not sell ownership rights. At the

same time, as data is no longer

monopolized, it will be easier for

AI application developers to obtain

quality data and the cost will be

greatly reduced.


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